Adidas, founded in 1924 by Adi and Rudolf Dassler, began as a shoe factory for athletes. They quickly gained recognition by creating the first spiked running shoes, favored by Olympic champions like Jesse Owens.

In 1967, Adidas introduced the iconic 3-Stripes trademark with the Franz Beckenbauer tracksuit. The Trefoil logo, representing performance, was launched in 1972 and now symbolizes the Originals collection, which includes lifestyle apparel, footwear, and accessories.

In 2021, Adidas partnered with BrandCo to re-establish its presence in Nigeria, opening stores in Lagos and Abuja. They have plans for additional stores in Port Harcourt and Victoria Island, Lagos.

Adidas's five-year strategic mission, 'Own the Game,' prioritizes the consumer, blending sport and lifestyle while embracing digital innovation and sustainability. By delivering on this strategy, Adidas aims to enhance brand credibility, elevate consumer experience, and push the boundaries of sustainability.

Skechers was founded in 1992 and now has over 3,000 stores worldwide. In 2015, the first Skechers store opened in Nigeria in Silverbird Mall, Abuja. Over the years, the store fleet in Nigeria has expanded to 8 locations across the country, with presence in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

In 2019, two new stores opened in Accra, Ghana.

The Brand’s retail mission is to be the first choice among consumers for lifestyle and performance footwear by providing an exceptional and exciting customer experience for the entire family.

The Skechers ethos is encapsulated in what it calls “The Skechers Advantage” and is driven by 5 key attributes: Quality, Comfort, Style, Innovation, Affordable.

Havaianas was created in Brazil in 1962 and was inspired by the Japanese Zori sandal, a sandal with cloth straps and woven rice straw soles. The name Havaianas is derived from the feminine form of the Portuguese word for Hawaiians. Originally only sold in Brazil, the brand started distributing abroad in 1999 and can now be found in more than 100 countries.

Nigeria got its first store in 2018 and now has stores and kiosks across Lagos and Abuja.

Reebok is an American fitness footwear and clothing brand that is a part of Authentic Brands Group.

It was established in England in 1958 as a companion company to J.W. Foster and Sons, a sporting goods company which had been founded in 1895 in Bolton, Lancashire. From 1958 until 1986, the brand featured the flag of the United Kingdom in its logo to signify the origins of the company. It was bought by German sporting goods company Adidas in 2005, then sold to the American Authentic Brands Group in 2021. The company's global headquarters are located in Boston, Massachusetts, in the Seaport District.

Reebok designs, manufactures, distributes and sells fitness, running and CrossFit sportswear including clothing and accessories.

The product line of Reebok generally consists of sports accessories. The product line is divided into four sections.